Web Slang-isms Given Dictionary Status

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Credit: Merriam-Webster

Now you can tell your friends about your ridic weekend with your tweeps when you were photobombing young couples on a date night (lolz!) without sounding like a total douche.

How can this be? you ask.

The Oxford Dictionaries Online officially recognized a bunch of words used primarily in the web-realm. They’ve been around for a while, so you probably know a lot of them. But now even the dictionary says they’re legit.

Here are a few that made the cut:

  • ridic – this is ridiculous. No, really, it’s ridiculous.
  • mwahahaha – the official sound of evil
  • douche – we all know one
  • date night – we’ve all had one
  • dirty martini – we all want one
  • group hug – not unless there’s some sort of hygienic guarantee
  • inbox – as a verb, no less. I’m still waiting for “facebooked” to be recognized.
  • Wikipedian – apparently not a mythical creature
  • micro pig – the new pocket pet, perhaps
  • soul patch – this is new to me. It’s a small tuft of facial hair directly below a man’s lower lip.
  • hat tip – giving credit where credit’s due
  • tweeps – your social following
  • lolz – maybe the “z” adds something more?
  • photobombing – ruining someone else’s photo
  • vajazzling – (don’t ask)

Which words would you add?

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