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Below is a sampling of some of the articles and blogs I’ve written over the years. Want to see something specific? I can point you in the right direction. Just email me and ask. There’s plenty more!

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Why am I so tired?
Health System offers exhausted women tips to get better sleep

The end and the beginning (PDF)
University branding – Inspirational post congratulating graduates

Thanksgiving Blessings (PDF)
University branding – Post on faith and thanksgiving

Rotary International
Travel blog of group’s month-long professional learning experience in France

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Advertising series (PDF)
CASE Award winner: Copywriting – University’s first capital campaign combined with a new branding effort

Undergraduate brochure (PDF)
CASE Award winner: Copywriting – Marketing materials show off university’s branding update

University website (archived)
Website showcases a university’s progress toward Tier One research status

Direct mail solicitation (PDF)
B2C Copywriting — University development letter requesting financial support for student scholarships

Radio commercial
B2B Copywriting — 30-second spot advertising a new vendor fair for City of San Antonio

Annual report (PDF)
Vignettes tell the success stories of the San Antonio Housing Authority’s amazing work

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Feature Articles and Profiles

Prescriptions in Pregnancy: Should You Pop That Pill? (PDF)
Fit Pregnancy magazine feature about the safety of prescription drugs for certain health conditions

A Story of Survival
Cancer survivor praises Health System’s guidance through uterine and ovarian cancer

Waste Not, Want Not
Environmental activist works to secure meaningful corporate commitments to curb plastic pollution—taking her pleas to Congress when necessary

The Sky’s Not the Limit
First openly transgender woman appointed by a U.S. president rises to the top

Shifting Priorities
Couple detours from vacation to serve devastated communities after Nepal earthquake

CSI: Aircraft
After his career with NASA, an aviation engineer’s business continues soaring to new heights

The Child Left Behind (PDF)
Nationally published article on early childhood education

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Higher Education

Global Citizens. Global Concern.
University brings public health concerns into the spotlight with a new international studies concentration

The Final Frontier
Physicists attempt to expose the mysteries of outer space

The Power of Persistence (PDF)
First-generation college student’s path to success

Crossing Borders
CASE Award winner: Feature story that sheds light on undocumented immigrants’ struggles

Every Step Along the Way
Flynn Fellowship at The Johns Hopkins School of Nursing helps oncology nurses hit the ground running

Building the Future
University helps prepare community youth for engineering careers

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Department of Medicine newsletters
Dartmouth Health

Department of Psychiatry newsletters
Dartmouth Health

Department of Dermatology newsletters
Dartmouth Health

Department of Obstetrics & Gynecology newsletters
Dartmouth Health

Department of Pediatrics newsletter
Dartmouth Health

Medical Student Research Informs Resident Training Program
Dartmouth College Geisel School of Medicine

A Love Affair in Medicine
Dartmouth College Geisel School of Medicine

Improving Teamwork to Benefit Patients
Dartmouth College Geisel School of Medicine

The teleNeurologist will see you now
Dartmouth College Geisel School of Medicine

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Community Connect magazine
The University of Texas at San Antonio
Magazine editor

Trinity Magazine
Trinity University
Copy editor

The Influential Christian
Michael Andrews, nonfiction author
Developmental editor

100 Years of Building San Antonio
Michele McMurry, nonfiction author
Developmental editor


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