How to Write an ‘About’ Page for Your Website


Your website might be missing a very important page.

If you don’t have an About Us page, you haven’t introduced yourself to your website visitors.

They’re looking for you, and you’re nowhere to be found.

Your site has no personality. But you can fix that.

No matter whether you overlooked it or just didn’t know how to write it, if you don’t have an About page, you need one. Let’s learn how to write it.

Why Include an About Page?

An About page adds personality to your website because it acts as an introduction. It’s a conversation you have with your web visitors.

Let your clients and customers get to know you. Not just your business, but you, the owner. Being a “real person” behind the business gives you some personality.

Personality means you’re showing your customers that you’re not just a nameless business that cares only about money. You’re a real human being who’s trying to help people with your product, service or store.

How Web Copy Can Make You More Likeable

Real people are more likeable than faceless businesses.

Here’s an example:

Walmart is a faceless business. It’s huge and impersonal and not very likeable. If you’re like me, you avoid Walmart like the plague. Customer service is terrible. Good luck finding someone who works there unless you’re in the checkout line. (Maybe not even then.)

Instead, I’ll choose a smaller business where someone can answer my questions or help me figure out which product is best for my needs.

An About page is the face of your website. Don’t be Walmart!

What to Write on Your About Page

If you get writer’s block every time you try to write your About page, use these ideas to get your words flowing.

First and foremost, your About page must focus on your customers! You’ll tell your web visitors about you – how you serve them.

Second, write in your own voice. Write like you talk. Remember, you’re adding personality to your site.

Third, don’t be boring. Just don’t.

With those parameters established, here’s information you can include:

  • Your company’s mission
  • When you established your business
  • Company history (be brief!)
  • How you serve your customers
  • Why your customers choose you
  • Relevant awards, associations and certifications
  • A testimonial from a customer about you or your staff

Don’t forget to include a photo! Not just a photo of a building – use a photo of yourself or a group shot of you with your staff.

You’re all set. Now, go write that About page!

What tips do you have about writing a great About page?


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